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Monday, May 09, 2005

ebXML BPSS V2.0 nears completion

The OASIS BPSS team is in the final steps of completing and approving the next generation of the Business Processing Specification for ebXML.

The new BPSS V2 marks a watershed release. Included in this release are features that support sophisticated business process modelling. runtime process control and context aware application exchange integration.

Whereas ebXML solutions have been mainly point-to-point binary collaborations in the past, now extended multi-partner, multi-step processes can be constructed. Now organizations and business analysts can take advantage of the expressive power and business functionality that BPSS V2 provides.

Currently modelling tools and process engines are being adapted to support this new release; our upcoming edition of ebXML forum will provide in-depth coverage and we will provide you with announcements and news as it happens.

More technical details are available on the OASIS BPSS TC Web site.


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