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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Accounting Agent System (FeeFee) to exploit ebXML

August 23, 2005 By Rob O'Neill, FairfaxDigital

Professor George Mickhail says his virtual accountant, Feefee, has a serious side.

Virtual Feefee has a sense of fun, according to her creator, University of Wollongong senior lecturer George Mickhail. But as an early prototype virtual accountant, she also has a serious side that stands as a warning to the accounting profession that basic functions can be automated. Professor Mickhail says Feefee gives users information in the way they prefer. And she won't be deskbound, either. My research project is to provide it through a mobile device," he says. That research uses a protocol called ebXML (electronic business extensible markup language), a standard way to exchange business messages and data. Professor Mickhail is seeking funding to take his project possibly to the point where he could make the first implementation of a robotic "virtual autonomic accountant".


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