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Sunday, December 03, 2006

France GESFIM project commits to ebXML infrastructure for Transportation Logistics

The French GESFIM - Gestion Electronique et Sécurisation du Fret International Multimodal - a project for the French Transportation and Logistics industry - has selected ebXML and CEFACT combined with RFID infrastructure as the basis for developing its implementation technologies. Funding is provided by the French Economy Ministry.

The project has an aggressive timetable and included partners are tasked with a variety of early deliverables to provide the underpinning for implementations within the industry. The total duration for the project is two years.

The GESFIM project description is available here (PDF) and the funding Economy Ministry for Finance and Industry website is here.

Project participants include:

■ ELIT (specialists in logistics and transportation software applications) http://www.elit.fr/
■ AD’MISSIONS (Professional Association of 1200 Consultants in France with expertise in standardization of the electronic exchanges eBusiness and associated technologies for Transport and Logistics. EDI, EDIFACT, XML...) programme Norm@Fret (normalisation Fret et Flotte ) http://www.admissions.fr/index.php
■ CRCI Nord-Pas de Calais. Regional chamber of commerce and industry, supporting the 13 local districts of Nord-Pas de Calais in Normandy, France. The CRCI has many years of logistics support experience. http://www.nordpasdecalais.cci.fr/


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