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Sunday, March 11, 2007

T-Mobile: ebXML use to double in 2007 - White Paper

As of December 2006, T-Mobile International has been operating a production ebXML-based B2B gateway for over two years. The number of business partners connected to the gateway is expected to double in 2007, as the system will be used to serve more of the geographies in which T-Mobile operates.

The gateway currently processes approximately one thousand ebXML B2B messages per hour from ten business partners of T-Mobile and other business units of Deutsche Telekom, T-Com, and T-Systems.

The original requirements were for "... the ability to exchange business data in any format (XML, EDI, PDF), without pre-defined limitations in message size in a reliable and secure fashion among T-Mobile and its business partners, using an open standard implemented in commercial off-the-shelf products". The ebXML solution from Axway (formally Cyclone Commerce) was selected for T-Mobile use.

The new OASIS case study on the T-Mobile experience notes - "One of the key benefits is that while ebXML is a powerful technology, it is at the same time minimally intrusive to existing applications. This means that existing systems and exchanges can be made to benefit from a reliable and secure ebXML infrastructure easily, with limited or no changes to back-end enterprise applications".

The report notes in summary: "In retrospect, the overall experience with ebXML at T-Mobile has been very positive. If the decision would have to be made today, T-Mobile would again select ebXML".

You can read the full inside story to the T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom experience with ebXML in the OASIS commissioned case study white paper.


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