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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

UNCEFACT-TMG - ebXML CCTS - Announces 2nd Iteration of Public Review

The UNCEFACT TMG has announced the release of Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS) Version 3 for second public review. The comments phase of this second public review will be from 16 April 2007 until 15May 2007.

CCTS describes and specifies a semantic-based approach to the well-understood problem of the lack of information interoperability within and between applications and data bases in the e-business arena. It focuses especially on a dynamic, flexible and interoperable way of standardizing business semantics of libraries for electronic business data exchange. It defines meta models, and rules necessary for describing the structure and contents of conceptual and logical, and physical data models that can be used for collaborative business processes and information exchange.

The UN/CEFACT Open Development Process (ODP) calls for a eight step approach to developing UN/CEFACT Standards. These eight steps are:
1. Proposal 2. Requirements Determination 3. First Draft 4. Working Drafts 5. Public Review 6. Implementation Verification 7. Approval 8. Maintenance

The CCTS is currently at Step 5 - Public Review - 2nd Iteration.

Full details can be found from the resource site:


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