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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

OASIS hosts ebXML webinars - June-fest from 4th to 7th

Learning about the ebXML work and how your organization can leverage the technologies available for open standards eBusiness has just got a whole lot easier.

The experts behind the ebXML work are providing a week of webinars aimed at providing technologists the insights they need to evaluate and start using the ebXML solution set.

The resources to enable adoption of ebXML are now more mature and freely available than at anytime before. Come find out how your organization can benefit from adopting foundation technology that is proven and reliable in driving core business systems worldwide.

Each daily live webinar is timed to accommodate the global world - 3:00PM GMT, 12:00AM Tokyo, 8:00AM San Francisco, 11:00AM Boston, 4:00PM London.

For details on each day's focus topic see the webinar resource site.


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