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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Webswell Connect V2.1 SOA and ebXML solution released

The Webswell Connect 2.1, an open source SOA, ebXML and AS2 integration tool was released Friday. The new release has a selection of improvements and new features including:

1. Built-in support for HSQLDB as a alternative database system to the original PostgreSQL.

2. The included Webswell Dispatcher has been optimized to work much faster including improved handling ofAS2 and ebXML Registry Repository messages.

3. Upgraded installer with improved MS Windows platform installation process.

Webswell Connect is a complete framework for e-business based on the ebXML, AS2 and SOA standards. It is used as an integration framework for heterogeneous business environments and for integration to legacy systems. With its messaging and Registry features it is a basic building block for enabling SOA solutions.

Webswell Connect is all open source software and licensed under GNU GPL. Commercial technical support is available from Webswell Inc. For more details see http://www.webswell.com/


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