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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blinksale Invoice integration with H2O ebMS

Web based invoicing meets B2B messaging integration with Hermes H2O ebMS!

This article describes how to interface to the Blinksale invoice system from H2O using the REST API that Blinksale provides.

A Java module interfaces to the Blinksale site - and handles the invoice exchange with Hermes H2O.

This handy interface supports the following functions:
  • Determine which of the invoice is ready to be sent in Blinksale
  • Retrieve the invoice from blinksale
  • Invoke H2O through the web service interface and have the invoice delivered through ebMS (or AS2 as you desire)
  • Update the tag of the invoice from open to close if an acknowledgement is received.
More information is available from the article here.


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