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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Flame Computing showcase ebXML V3 ebMS features

Long time supporter of RosettaNet based exchanges Flame Computing has now added ebXML messaging to their product solution - Flame Messaging Server (FMS).

With over 2,000 installations already in place the new ebXML v3 features add significant new capabilities to support distributed messages exchanges for their customers. These include
Reliable Message Delivery with Message Ordering; Digital Signature and Payload Encryption; Non-repudiation of origin and receipt; Transport Protocol Mappings include HTTP and SMTP; Message Push and Pull; Message Partition Channels – allows prioritisation of
messages; Web Services compatibility and backward compatibility to ebXML Messaging Services Version 2 as needed.

The FMS from Flame Computing has implemented compliance with OASIS ebXML Messaging
Services Version 3 as outlined in the OASIS ebXML Messaging Services Version 3.0: Part 1, Core Features Committee Specification 02 dated 12 July 2007.

Flame is offering an evaluation version of the Flame Message Server (FMS) which is available for download from http://flame.co.za/downloads/FMS_RC_4.0.4_17.zip

An evaluation license (acquirable from Flame) is required to run the server, but configuration and perusal may be performed at a leisurely pace - contact Flame for more details of their evaluation process.

For more product information see the Flame product brochure and the Flame Computing website.


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