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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Connecting Business Process Specifications with Business Event Monitoring

An article on ebXML.xml.org discusses the capabilities of ebXML Business Processes and ebBP V2.0 - "the OASIS ebBP 2.0 standard [] main design goal [] was to support specifications of collaborative process contracts, especially quality-of-service agreements, but also the basic logic that governs exchanging business data—what response documents can be sent to a request document, what sequences are allowed, when processes can be done concurrently, what yields success, what yields failure, and so on".

The article provides great insights in the challenges of modern business processes and how to begin addressing them.

Use cases are examined including: "The OASIS TaMie TC is investigating ways to monitor or test that event traces of processes conform or violate various test assertions. The major goal of the TC is to define an events scripting language for running against event “boards” to check that events satisfy certain conditions. One subproject in this group has been to explore sources of domain knowledge that can provide inputs that can be compiled into these event testing scripts, creating an automated and standardized way of setting up aspects of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)."

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