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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quorum Announces Revenue Milestone

Migrations revenue is generated from selling services and hardware to bring existing customers up to the current technology platform so that they can convert to the latest version of XSELLERATOR(tm) and the IDMS program offered by General Motors. Currently, of Quorum's 230 customers, more than 190 customers are now migrated. Expectations are for the balance of customers to migrate prior to the end of Q2 2009.

Integration Services with General Motors continues to move forward with several key Parts integration points being released in the U.S. in February, specifically:
- Parts Workbench "Material Returns and Part Claims" (U.S.) is the replacement functionality from the previous RAPID system that was decommissioned by GM.

- Parts Invoice Parts Workbench "Parts Invoice" (U.S.) is a new ebXML interface that will all dealerships to view and print invoice reports in XSELLERATOR.

- Parts Workbench "Parts Shipment" (U.S.) involves integration between GM and XSELLERATOR with regard to parts shipment information.

A number of new integration functions have already been deployed in the past few months in the U.S., including Parts Order, Parts Availability, SPAC Inquiry and Parts Information. These integration points create substantial efficiencies and move Parts staff towards conducting most of their job functions using XSELLERATOR.

For more information see Quorom's full press release:


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