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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

New ebXML and AS2 combined in Hermes V2 release

Hong Kong SAR, Peoples Republic of China - December 16, 2005 - Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID), The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is pleased to announce Hermes Messaging Gateway v2.0 (Hermes 2) supporting ebMS and Applicability Specification (AS2) is available for download. Thanks to project funding from the HKSAR Government's Innovation & Technology Commission, the new version of the messaging gateway has extended secure and reliable data transmission to users of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and other business-to-business data.

Released under GNU General Public License, Hermes 2 and its source code can be downloaded for free from Freebxml and CECID. Community support is provided through the mailing list cecid-hermes2@googlegroups.com.

Users and OEMs can also obtain professional support from Hermes' first value-added partner, iASPEC Technologies. A non-GPL enterprise edition, with extra features like message status query capabilities and a Web-based GUI administrative tool for easy configuration and management of the messaging gateway, is expected to be made available by iASPEC in 1Q2006. This enterprise edition will free commercial license customers from GPL's requirement of distributing their proprietary source code.

For users requiring only ebMS messaging capabilities, Hermes 1 is still available at Freebxml under Academic Free License with community support provided through ebxmlms-develop@lists.sourceforge.net.

The Hermes V2 has also completed the AS2 Interoperability Testing AS-1Q05 with 29 other participants organized by U.S. leading testing company, Drummond Group Inc. The Hermes 2 enables real-time communication through HTTP or HTTPS to transmit data over the Internet. Besides, it provides security for the transport payload through Secure Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME), digital signatures and encryption, while reliability and non-repudiation are achieved through the use of receipts.

More information is available from the FreebXML project site.


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