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Saturday, October 10, 2009

ebXML Message Service (ebMS) Adapter for BizTalk Server

The Covast ebMS Adapter for BizTalk Server has been released as a free downloadable package on www.covast.com (Covast is the R&D center of motion10 - www.motion10.com )

This adapter can be used to exchange messages from within BizTalk Server with trading partners who wish to have the ebMS 2.0 protocol for its reliable messaging capabilities.

Covast as a Microsoft solution partner was asked to develop this adapter because of their experience in B2B exchanges.

The adapter consists of a set of orchestrations (handling retries and acknowledgements), pipelines (handling the ebMS enveloping, encryption and signing) and a tracking database with Admin Console embedded UI and archiving feature. The ebMS Adapter uses the BizTalk Server built-in HTTP(/s), FTP and SMTP adapters for the physical transport. This architecture guarantees full scalability.

For more information on support and service options contact Covast.


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