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Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Certified ebXML from IBM, TIBCO, Axway, Inovis, Generix and Cleo

The adoption of ebXML messaging for automotive retail applications continues to gather momentum in 2008 as the leading industry solution vendors all certify their products as compliant with the V2.5 standard and interoperable with each other.

The Drummond Group certification process has been passed by these 6 vendors in Q4 of 2007 and the results announced this January. Products certified include the latest IBM WebSphere Partner Gateway v 6.1 as IBM looks to consolidate its presence in the automotive marketplace along with secure government interchange applications. TIBCO and Axway have similarly upgraded their ebXML offerings while automotive solutions providers Inovis, Generix and Cleo round out the group.

Important new capabilities have also been demonstrated including GZIP compression for large messages, XML encryption and SSL authentication, and DSA Signature Algorithms for signing content.

Automotive Retail Profile (formerly known as the STAR profile)

The Automotive Retail Profile is a profile test designed specifically for GZIP-based compression. The profile is based on recommendations from the Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) consortium. The Automotive Retail Profile is appropriate for cross-industry use where compression of large messages is desired.

XML Encryption Profile (formerly known as the PHIN profile)

The XML Encryption Profile enables XML encryption and SSL client authentication. Initially, it was proposed by and is used by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention in the CDC's Public Health Information Network. The XML Encryption Profile is appropriate for cross-industry use where message level encryption and client authentication are desired.

DSA Signature Algorithm

The ebMS 2 specification recommends the use of the DSAwithSHA1 algorithm for digitally signing ebMS messages. Historically this ebMS certification event has used the RSAwithSHA1 algorithm because of its widespread use in the marketplace. However, since the ebMS specification does recommend the use of DSA, this certification event offered an optional test to certify the interoperability of the use of DSAwithSHA1 digital signatures over both HTTP and HTTPS.


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