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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Europa IDABC Article on UBL, ebXML and Interoperability

The Universal Business Language standard UBL 2.0 has already been widely adopted in the Nordic countries. Could it be the standard for all of Europe? UBL specialist Tim McGrath outlines the issues in an article for Synergy magazine.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New EA and BPM book - Clive Finkelstein explains how to exploit BPMN and ebXML BPSS

Enterprise Architecture for Integration: Rapid Delivery Methods and Technologies by Clive Finkelstein in his latest book describes the methods and computer technologies that are needed to enable rapid business and system change.

“I cannot sufficiently impress you with the significance of Clive Finkelstein’s book… Clive’s methodology is one of the few methodologies that I know of in 2006 that actually addresses some of the enterprise engineering design objectives that go far beyond just getting the code to run.””----- From the foreword by John A. Zachman

Clive includes a chapter on using the ebXML Business Process Modeling Language (BPSS), Business Process Specification Schema (BPSS for ebXML) and Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) for automatic generation of executable XML-based BPEL/BPML or BPSS code from process models or workflow models defined using BPMN.

For more information see Artech House publishers book page.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New Resources and Introduction to ebXML Registry Technology

Do you need help understanding what and how registry is and why it may be important to you?

Now there's a new wiki page providing an overview of the ebXML Registry standard development and the freebXML Registry open source implementation.

Find answers to questions and links to papers, presentations and tutorials.

This is a must have link for anyone wishing to learn about this technology.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) Project using IHE/XDS ebXML Registry

The Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) Project is using the IHE/XDS secure document server developed by NIST using the ebXML Registry OMAR open source implementation - (http://www.freebxml.org).

At the recent IHE connectathon and HIMSS showcase the OHF team demonstrated a full XDS system, end to end. The XDS system includes XDS Registry, Repository, PIX server, ATNA, and all related clients - Document Consumer, Source, PIX/PDQ, CT. and ATNA.

The project includes collaboration between IBM, BEA, Mayo Clinic, Cisco Systems and other clinical participants.

For more information on the project see the website: http://www.eclipse.org/ohf/ and for latest news on the OHF work see: http://ohf-dev.blogspot.com/


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