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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Call for participation - OASIS Business Document Exchange TC

The purpose of the TC is to define specifications for a lightweight and federated messaging infrastructure supporting a 4-corner model(1) for the secure and reliable exchange of electronic documents.
The specific objectives will be to:

1. Establish specifications for a lightweight and federated document transport infrastructure supporting the secure and reliable exchange of electronic business documents.

2. Profile and maintain a robust, secure and lightweight addressing mechanism (SMLP) capable of exposing metadata about endpoints (including supported business processes, content standards, transport protocols, and security requirements) and capable of being operated in a highly distributed environment.

3. Support the dynamic creation of connections based on look-up of services at runtime.

4. a) Profile and maintain the START (Secure Trusted Asynchronous Reliable Transport) protocol. START is intended to be used as a transport profile between Service Providers in the 4-corner model.

4. b) Profile and maintain the LIME (Lightweight Message Exchange) protocol, a secure and reliable lightweight messaging protocol. LIME is intended to be used as a transport profile between senders or receivers and their Service Providers in a 4-corner model.

5. Profile and maintain the ebMS 3.0 protocol for use in the 4-corner model with SMLP.

6. Give guidance on using other transports in a 4-corner model.

7. Develop specifications that support service levels appropriate for large scale deployment.
First meeting:

The first meeting will be held on 19 January 2011 (at 17:00 CET) as a one-hour conference call. The meeting facility will be available at

https://connect.forskningsnettet.dk/bdexchange/. Sign in as guest.

(1) The 4-Corner Model

A document exchange process set-up whereby each Participant has contracted with one or several separate Service Providers, whereby the Service Providers ensure the correct interchange of documents between the Participants.
When senders and receivers of documents are supported by their own consolidator service provider (for the sender) and aggregator service provider (for the receiver), it is referred to as a 4-Corner model. A network usually based on open standards provides connectivity and the facilities for the secure trusted exchange of business documents. In the 4-Corner models, the consolidator and aggregator roles are often two different service providers.

Definition inspired from http://www.e-invoice-gateway.net/helpandsupport/glossary/

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