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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New freeb-UBL templates and toolkit announced

A new community project has been added to the freebXML initiative - focused on providing a toolkit for developers working with the UBL supplychain eBusiness transactions in XML.

The toolkit consists of re-usable templates aimed at providing small business a working subset derived from the main UBL information schemas.

The Cover XML site has an excellent resource page that details the components and capabilities in the toolkit.

The direct link to the freeb-UBL resource center on SourceForge allows you to download the latest version of the toolkit.

The challenge has always been - that while a comprehensive specification like UBL is addressing a huge span of potential uses - including sophisticated nuances of tax payments, supplychain delivery options and ERP system integration - the average user just wants a very simple 80:20 solution for their local eCommerce needs.

The freeb-UBL toolkit is providing the foundation toolkit for this approach.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

DOT.NET article - Using Oracle, ebXML B2B and BPEL for Helena Chemical

The article "BPEL & B2B Synergies Reduce Supplier Enablement Costs" examines the experiences of Oracle customer - Helena Chemical. Building on the existing database foundation at Helena, the implementation team added the Oracle XML gateway, along with ebXML messaging support for the partners' chemical industry exchanges (RAPID).

The ability to integrate using XML, ebXML and BPEL within the Oracle solution framework demonstrated the flexibility and speed of development possible.

For more information on how the team approached the job and delivered on the business needs for Helena - see the full details provided in the article.


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