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Saturday, May 21, 2005

UK DHS implementation of ebMS as the TMS Spine

The recent announcement of the UK DHS implementation of ebMS as the TMS Spine for patient information exchanges shows that ebXML is continuing to mature and prove its value as the open standard of choice for e-Business interchange systems. See - http://www.ebxml.org/case_studies/NHS-ebMSG-casestudy-041206.pdf

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Registry Driven Exchange Servers for eGovernment

Using ebXML Registry, CPA, WSDL, CAM and ebMS in coordination to provide an Exchange server environment to manage large communities of partners in an agile and adaptive system.

Presentation given to the CDC/PHIN 2005 conference in Atlanta, GA.


The software links to configure this from open source components are available for download from http://ebxmlbook.com/interop/

This is the precursor of the emerging ebSOA work that is developing within OASIS currently.

Monday, May 09, 2005

ebXML BPSS V2.0 nears completion

The OASIS BPSS team is in the final steps of completing and approving the next generation of the Business Processing Specification for ebXML.

The new BPSS V2 marks a watershed release. Included in this release are features that support sophisticated business process modelling. runtime process control and context aware application exchange integration.

Whereas ebXML solutions have been mainly point-to-point binary collaborations in the past, now extended multi-partner, multi-step processes can be constructed. Now organizations and business analysts can take advantage of the expressive power and business functionality that BPSS V2 provides.

Currently modelling tools and process engines are being adapted to support this new release; our upcoming edition of ebXML forum will provide in-depth coverage and we will provide you with announcements and news as it happens.

More technical details are available on the OASIS BPSS TC Web site.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Wheat industry ebXML pilot shows rapid ROI

A framework set up with seed funding of under $500,000 to improve information systems interoperability in the wheat industry may save it millions of dollars.

The BizDex project targeted the industry's information bottleneck which arose because large suppliers dictated application frameworks, according to Mark Bezzina, general manager of strategy at Standards Australia. The standards body has stewardship of the project, which is part of a larger, DCITA e-business plan for both the wheat sector and business generally. Stakeholders in the wheat industry program are AWB Limited, AWB Grainflow, and Pacific National.

..."The goal is to map processes and applications to an industry standard," Bezzina said. We create an open registry based on ebXML that holds the public processes. This yields a one-to-one interface between partners [and] prevents vendor lock-in."



Thursday, May 05, 2005

ebXML V2.0 Messaging now available from Oracle

Oracle Corporation is now shipping a brand-new implementation of ebXML message server as part of their i-Hub product suite.

The solution includes a comprehensive ebXML CPA (partner agreements) management user interface, and ability to integrate into the existing Oracle registry for exchange management and message routing.

For more information contact your local Oracle sales staff.


OASIS ebXML Registry V3.0 Approved

Members Approve ebXML RIM V3.0 and ebXML RS V3.0 as OASIS Standards

Three new OASIS Standards have been approved by the OASIS membership at-large. The ebXML Registry Information Model (RIM) v3.0 andebXML Registry Services and Protocols (RS) v3.0 offer a method for defining and managing interoperable registries and repositories. Congratulations to the TC members who produced these standards, and thanks to all those who participated in the review and balloting process.

For more information see the OASIS ebXML registry team site:



Of XDS, IHE, NIST and ebXML Registry

NIST are working with IHE on developing a cross-enterprise secure document exchange system (XDS) - see the project page here:

A presentation on the project can be found here:

and the overall architecture and specification document can be found here:

ebXMLForum will definately be featuring more on this exciting technology in the coming months as the first projects using it begin to get fielded.

The potential for providing dramatically better information sharing in healthcare and therefore better service provision to citizens is what this technology holds forth.


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