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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Latest CAMeditor v1.9 now available from Sourceforge

The latest CAMeditor release is now available from Sourceforge:
Highlights include:
1) Complete external code lists support for code values via files and import of code lists
2) Enhancements to the evaluator, NDR checks and NIEM re-use scoring tools
3) Performance enhancements to XSD schema importing tool
4) Generation of NIEM EIEC / BIEC dictionary schema from ERwin enterprise model components
5) Support for KeyRef notations in structure editor
6) Enhanced XML example generation
Then there's a raft of fixin's and improvements from over 4 months of development since the last release.  Full details are in the release notes PDF documentation and the online tracker system.

Please feel free to provide feedback via Sourceforge project discussion area, OASIS CAM dev list, or contacting the team directly.

ebXML framework and cloud services interoperability?

According to a new blog post on AS4 it has the potential to become the standard for cloud based integration services.  For more information on the concepts and ideas - see:


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