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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New ebXML messaging OrionSMG V3.0 announced by EMIS

Egton Medical Information Systems Ltd (EMIS Ltd) have announced the general release of the OrionSMG ebXML messaging system V3.

The OrionSMG is an open source implementation (OSS) of ebXML messaging v2.0 specification and is available from SourceForge OrionSMG project area.

The tool provides a secure message gateway for transporting ebXML, SOAP and custom message formats. It can act in both intermediary and processing MHS roles to provide end-to-end reliable messaging.

The program runs natively on Linux, OS X, and Windows with ODBC/PostgreSQL database support.

For more information see the EMIS implementation sites - http://www.emis-online.com and the UK doctor / patient resource site www.patient.co.uk

Monday, February 26, 2007

Webswell announces availability of Microsoft Windows support for ebXML web services integration tools

The latest release of WebSwell Connect now resolves the setup and deployment to a Windows platform for the ebXML web services integration suite.

Included in the all open source solution is :
- ebXML messaging, WS web services and AS2-compliant messaging system Hermes 2
- the ebXML Registry and Repository 3.0 + CVS updates for businessobjects
- demonstration, simulation and testing utilities
- multiplatform java installer
- improved dispatcher and routing services

For more information see the download package available from Webswell.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Adoption of ebXML - 2007 review

Find out how ebXML is improving the daily lives of millions of people by delivering reliable B2B solutions. Alan Kotok gives us a round up of ebXML adoption in government and commercial applications from around the globe.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Danish Government exchange for over 1.2 Million monthly Invoices using ebXML with UBL

The Danish government has implemented a VAN based B2G and B2B hub system with ebXML for use with electronic invoicing for Denmark. Companies are required by law to use eInvoices (EID).

The EU Best Practice Show case report states: "A condition of EID was that it should not 'force' private companies to go digital. The EID solution is independent of their IT sophistication and is highly flexible. Read-In bureaus ensure this. From 1 February, two such bureaus have been converting paper invoices to electronic ones. Smaller companies can use the Read-In bureaus free of charge, while larger ones are required to pay a modest fee to the bureaus. In April, 2006 the Read-In bureaus share of the market was about 40%".

You can read more about the system details from the EU show case white paper here :-

"Transport of the eInvoices is based on an ebMS (ebXML Message Service) enveloping mechanism built on SOAP (ISO 15000-2). This means that the addressing information, mainly the EAN number, is part of the ebMS header. In contrast to a first solution, where there was no specific envelope format and the VANS providers had to retrieve the EAN location number from within each message, this highly improved the reliability of the system".


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