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Monday, April 22, 2013

Wellfleet adds geo-mapping features in new WellGEO RegRep release

The new WellGEO RegRep 4.12 product release adds significant new geo-mapping features along with improvements to existing features.

Included in this release are - 
  • New Map Tool - with graphical entry of  spatial geometries such as points, line segments and polygons as spatial filters in searches. Map data source is configurable and a world map is provided out of the box. 
  • Auto-classification of Services - Services are now automatically classified by the service type when published using standard OGC taxonomy for Geographic Services.
  • Location based CQL queries - The Contextual Query Language (CQL) feature allows querying the RegRep server using simple SQL like queries. This feature now supports location-based queries to search for content such as Image content. Content may be searched using a filter geometry such as a POINT, LINESTRING or POLYGON in conjunction with a OGC spatial relationship (e.g. WITHIN).
  • JDK 7 support - The client and server now require java platform of JDK 7 or later
For more details please see the Wellfleet site.


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